Best Brunch Spots in Atlanta

Brunch is always something to look forward to. Chicken and waffles….shrimp and grits…MIMOSAS! What’s not to love?

I personally used to have trouble making it to brunch because weekends for me meant sleeping in until 12:00 p.m. However, I guess my body has finally realized that I’m nearing 30 and has been waking me up at 9 a.m. most weekends, which I am surprisingly okay with. I have officially become a damn adult. But I digress…

Atlanta has so many great brunch spots. Some I have actually tried but there are many others that are on my bucket list to try. Let’s check out a few!


55th & Park Restaurant and Lounge

Located in Downtown Atlanta, 55th & Park is a great dining/lounge experience. Hence the “restaurant and lounge” in the title. Depending on the day and the time there is a vibe for everyone. Sometimes it can turn into a little bit of a party so be prepared for loud music and a festive atmosphere. Other times it is more chill. It just depends on the day. It’s a modern style but offers southern classics such as chicken and waffles, Cajun fish and grits, crab legs and more. Brunch is available on Saturday from 12-4 and Sunday 12-6. And we can’t forget about the mimosas! They offer Limited Bottomless Cocktails (Mimosa and Peach Bellini) for $15.55 from 12-4 on Saturday and Sunday!

South City Kitchen

With South City Kitchen what you get is sophisticated southern classic vibes without the arrogant uppity vibes that make you feel unwelcome. With multiple locations including Midtown and Buckhead, South City Kitchen offers an atmosphere for everyone seeing as how each location has its own vibe. Brunch is from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. You can start off with some delicious cornbread and biscuits and appetizers such as fried green tomatoes or crab toast. From there you can move on to their signature fried chicken and buttermilk waffles, smoked brisket benedict or some shrimp and grits. Take your pick. Although they do not currently have any special cocktail deals, you can still choose from a few selections including the classic mimosa, a mango mimosa and a few others all ranging from $9-$12 a glass.


Located in the heart of Virginia Highland, Murphy’s can meet all of your needs because it is a restaurant/bakery/wine shop. What more do you need? Brunch is available every Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 am- 4 pm. Some of their brunch favorites are the buttermilk pancakes, french toast, Parmesan crusted chicken breast and chilaquiles. Also, they have a variety of egg specialties such as, crab cake benedict, omelettes and many more. They also have avocado toast. In case you’re feeling a little toasty…get it? Okay pretend that never happened…next! You can also choose from a few different sandwiches, frittatas, and several different sides. I heard that the blueberry mimosa is really tasty!

Buttermilk Kitchen

Situated inside of a little blue house on Roswell Road, Buttermilk kitchen is where you can head to if you want a delicious meal made from scratch. It has choices from B.Y.O.B. (Build your own breakfast) to lobster omelettes to a local grit bowl that has grits, sausage, sautéed spinach and topped with 2 eggs your way. If you’re looking for something a little different, they also have a waffle burger that is a pepper jack stuffed sausage-beef burger with bacon, maple aioli, served with truffle potato.

Folk Art

With an amazing location on North Highland Avenue, Folk Art has also opened up a second location in Decatur where we all can enjoy the deliciousness that is their food. Serving diner-style favorites all day long, you can come and get your fix for breakfast,lunch or dinner. Select anything from the Southern Comfort which is shrimp sautéed with onions and peppers in a shrimp broth served over grits topped w/ 2 fried eggs to steak and eggs to a patty melt with  caramelized onions, swiss cheese & 1k Island double. If you’re feeling more sandwich-y, there are several options that you can opt for such as a classic shrimp po’boy, a fried chicken sandwich with collard green cole slaw or the “Bad to the bone” which consists of house roasted pork shoulder topped with collard green cole slaw, date chili bourbon BBQ, gruyére cheese, & caramelized onions.

Here’s a few places that have great brunch bottomless mimosa specials whenever you’re free to check them out:

  • Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint
    • Sundays at 11 am- 3pm… Endless Mimosas: $16 for Sunday brunch & live jazz.
  • 10th & Piedmont
    • Bottomless mimosas $17.95 per person on Saturday 10-4 and Sunday 10-6. Last call for bottomless at 4 pm.
  • Bar Mercado
    • Bottomless available Saturday and Sunday for $15. Served until 3 pm.
  • Red Pepper Taqueria
    • $15 bottomless mimosas served Saturday and Sunday from 11 am-3 pm.

Also, if you’re around on Saturday, March 7th, check out the Atlanta Brunch Festival at Atlantic Station!

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Technology Killing Our Friendships?

So, I think it’s safe to say that almost all of us are in love with social media. If we weren’t, you wouldn’t be reading this right now!

Imagine this……You go out to eat with friends and you barely touch your phone. Okay okay. You absolutely HAVE to post your food when it looks amazeballs. That’s a rule. Seriously it is. I checked.


I’ve been hearing it and reading it in articles about how technology and social media is ruining our friendships. I don’t entirely agree. Do I think that it plays a part in people being less social with “real people” sometimes? Yes. Sometimes you will notice other groups of people when you’re out to eat and notice that most of them are just staring at their phone screens and not interacting with the rest of the group. Like hellooooo….there are actual people to talk to sitting right next to you.


But I won’t go so far as to say that social media/technology is ruining relationships. In a lot of aspects, it is making interacting and staying in touch with friends so much easier because we have so many resources in which to reach out to them. When it comes to hanging out with friends you have to have a good balance when it comes to your phone and your friends.

For example, when me and my best friend go out to eat, we rarely touch our phones. Of course we find time to insta our food and tag each other but other than that we are interacting with each other. And that’s what good friends do! When you have fun people around you, you don’t bother with your phone as much to scroll through news feeds.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I forget my phone exists because I randomly pick up my phone to snap our amazing and mostly random adventures. My point is, if you and your friends or SO are out to eat or wherever…don’t stare at your phone all night. It’s rude and utterly boring for all of you.


So back to the question of is technology killing our friendships? No. PEOPLE are killing friendships. People are ruining relationships. A lot of us have the capacity to make our own decisions and it is up to you to decide to put your phone down and interact with your friends. We all have the option to decide whether or not we want certain relationships to last and social media shouldn’t factor in.

I get it. Sometimes you just don’t want to be social face to face. That’s normal. We’ve all been there. Like when friends invite you out but you’re content with chilling on the couch with Netflix, Instagram and junk food. And maybe just a little wine. Just a little….

……and that’s okay.

We just can’t go around forgetting that there’s a real world out there. We have to exist outside of our social media worlds. Real true friends beat online companions everyday of the week. At least in my book.


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